The New Tiffany & Co. Parfum Shines Bright Like A Diamond

Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum

Tiffany & Co. is as iconic a brand as they come. From the statement-making to the understated classic pieces to the “Tiffany blue” that has come to be a universally recognizable colour, you know it when you see it. Adding to the already iconic legacy behind the brand, Tiffany & Co. just launched their first fragrance in over fourteen years and she’s just as beautiful as you would imagine.

Inspired by the most iconic aspect of the brand’s DNA, Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum ($100, 1.7oz) takes its muses—yellow diamond, lucida diamond, noble iris and the Tiffany blue box—and transforms them into a light fragrance that, unsurprisingly, smells exactly as you’d expect it to.

That’s not a bad thing.

Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum

The fragrance, created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier of Givaudan (whose nose also created Prada Candy, Maison Martin Margiela Untitled and both Miu Miu scents), is listed as a “sparkling floral musk,” which is as accurate a description as it comes.

Upon first whiff the scent really does have a lively, sparkling quality to it—not unlike the carefully crafted pieces of jewelry situated in their equally sparkly cases.

Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum

The fragrance is also listed as a bold scent… which we’re still on the fence about. While perfume seems like a somewhat surprising next step for Tiffany & Co., the notes of vert de mandarine, iris flower, patchouli and musks, it has less of a boldness and more of a presence. A presence in the way that only Tiffany could accomplish.

The combination of these classic notes—particularly the iris, which pays homage to the brand’s prize-winning iris brooch at the 1900 Paris Exposition—create a modern classic scent that will surely become as instantly recognizable as the brand itself. However, it’s not bold or daring. It’s pretty, it’s light, it’s expectedly sophisticated and feminine without being too girly.

It has an effervescence to it, but it’s definitely not bold.

Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum

The bottle is a piece of jewelry itself, with a clean symmetry and touch of Tiffany blue that encases the spritz. When the light hits it just right (it was fun to photograph), it reflects a brilliant sparkle. The flacon is reminiscent of some of Tiffany’s most iconic diamond cuts—the 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond and the Lucida-cut diamond engagement ring. While they may not be quite as good as getting the real thing, we’ll settle for at least smelling like a diamond.

Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum retails for $100 (1.7oz) and $130 (2.5oz) is available now online at

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