What’s In My Makeup Bag (Summer 2013 Edition)

What's In My (MAC Illustrated) Makeup Bag

Despite having an entire room dedicated to my makeup stash, I really only use makeup from ‘the makeup bag‘. What makes it the makeup bag? It’s the fact it contains the best of the best. I usually keep a small makeup bag on my vanity, filled with my daily essentials and it’s my go-to bag for traveling or for days when I’m not testing a new product. There is turnover in ‘the makeup bag’, but something has to truly blow me away to kick something else out and take it’s place. So things do shuffle around, especially from season to season, but for the most part, this bag of holy grail must-haves stays pretty consistent.  I also have a similar (but smaller) bag in my purse filled mainly with lipsticks, lip glosses and a powder for touch-ups, which is why there aren’t much of those here.

Many of you have wanted to take a peek into the makeup bag…. so I decided to do this post and show you! The actual bag I use also changes from time to time, but usually stays around the same size. Lately, I’ve been using one of the new MAC Illustrated Makeup Bags ($36 USD / $43 CAD) designed by Anja Kroencke. It’s small but big enough for my daily must-haves to all fit inside. The material is super easy to clean and I just love the design on it. Check out the other bags here.

So what can this little bag fit inside? Quite a lot, if you ask me… so take a peek at what is can hold, and what some of my most coveted items are right now! If you like this post, let me know and I can do a similar post for each season (that way we can see what stays, and what gets swapped out)!

What's In My (MAC Illustrated) Makeup Bag
My must-haves (all of this fits into the MAC Illustrated Makeup Bag)!

Inside my makeup bag…

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