Ladies, This Is Your Man’s New Scent

You won’t often find us raving about a new grooming product or fragrance for men, but the new YSL Y Eau de Toilette ($118 for 100mL) is too good not to talk about. It’s no secret the vast majority of our readers are female, so even though this one was made for the boys… ladies, you’re going to love it too. Like a crisp, white tee or a perfectly tailored suit jacket, this eau de toilette is about to become equally as essential for many men out there.

The bottle has a minimalist, geometric feel with a touch of flair in the metal Y embedded into the side. Y has an aldehydic freshness—one that breathes clean and crisp, without being too sterile—thanks to juicy bergamot and spicy ginger. Together with earthier green notes like fresh balsam fir, woody cedarwood and herbaceous sage, the notes blend together for a fragrance that is crisp without being cold.

The idea of Y is one that is meant to embody “modern, creative masculinity.” While the notion of masculinity is prevalent even amidst the choice of notes—ones that are very classically used in men’s scents—it’s the message behind it that brings a sense of modernity to the fragrance. The concept that Gen-Y (it’s no coincidence that the two are connected) is the generation of trailblazers, the shakers and the questioners is not lost on YSL.

YSL Y Eau de Toilette retails for $118 (100mL) and is available online at

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