Creating A Scent Memory with YSL Mon Paris

If you’re following Beautezine on Instagram, you’ll probably already know that I’m currently in Paris on a working holiday. This summer I decided to check off one of my bucket list items and live in Paris for a month (well, a few weeks—I’m spending my last month exploring the South of France).

So last week, I packed up my laptop and headed for one of my favorite cities in the world.

Besides taking a ton of photos, savouring every croissant and indulging in some of the most incredible beauty treatments, I’ve decided to engrave this trip into my memory in one more way—with scent.

I’ve always had a very strong scent memory and I strongly associate certain people, places and moments of my life with fragrance (not just perfume, but even the scents of tar, almond and lavender bring back nostalgic moments). With the launch of the new Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris fragrance just weeks before I left for Paris (how appropriate, right?), I knew I wanted to use it to create a scent memory.

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris

As soon as I smelled the sparkling, fruity-floral scent, I fell in love. This was the one. It was feminine, timeless and uplifting. Along with a gorgeous bottle, notes of sweet red berries, fresh white flowers and creamy white musk, this one was right up my alley. So I swapped it for my signature scent and after wearing it everyday, I know I’ll return to Paris every time I sniff Mon Paris back at home.

Whether you have special occassion coming up like a wedding day, new job, once-in-a-lifetime vacation or just a way to mark a new chapter of your life—try creating your own scent memory with a new fragrance.

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