The Nail Polish For People Who Don’t Like Nail Polish

Zoya Naked ManicureWhile we’re obviously open to testing out a flurry of new colors with each passing season, we have an appreciation for low-key manicures. These are the nail looks we’ve seen on many a runway for several years now, with a painfully natural or undone look adorning model talons for a tidy appearance that doesn’t distract from the overall look. If you’re not a fan of manicures because they can look unkempt as soon as a chip or two surface, then the Zoya Naked Manicure collection is destined for your nail beds.

The genius of this nail range lies in the concept of instant and long-term benefits. Not only will you look instantly polished, lending the understated glamour and chic appeal of no-makeup makeup to your nails, but the formulations actually improve the flow of oxygen to your nails and increase the overall strength of your nails with the help of vitamins E and B5, as well as red algae and protein.

There are 5 colors in the range to suit multiple skin tones, one of which is a color corrector. Zoya Naked Manicure Lavender Perfector ($10) is a color-correcting shade that eliminates yellow tones in the nail plate, while other shades in the range can be layered with this lavender shade to create a custom color that best matches your natural nail plate (the kits come with an instruction booklet and shade chart to help create your perfect correction recipe). There are a slew of combinations you can create, so have fun with a bit of color theory here and find your ideal shade!

The Zoya Naked Manicure White Tip Perfector ($10) looks most natural when applied to nails sandwiched between the included base coat or other Perfector shades. I tried the system with a coat of Lavender Perfector, then I applied the White Tip Perfector (a test in patience if you’re not so skilled with freehand steady lines), then topped with Buff Perfector for a very natural-looking, sophisticated finish. The result was a bright (but natural-looking) nail bed.

Zoya Naked Manicure

One of the coolest products in this collection is the Zoya Naked Manicure Satin Seal ($12), which is a bi-phase top coat – something we have never seen before! Think of this as a blurring product for your nails (like those pore-minimizing primers for your face). It works to reduce the appearance of imperfections while locking in the polish layers underneath, leaving nails with a natural satin finish that looks pretty believable. Apply it on top of your color corrections, and your nails actually look naturally beautiful.

It’s like a no-makeup makeup look, for your nails. Genius.

This collection is a great find for anyone who is repairing damage, growing their nails out or anyone who really appreciates a low-maintenance approach to beauty. Men can definitely partake in this collection, as well – groomed hands know no bounds! The collection is available at select salons, beauty supply stores and

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